Marquee Hire | Clear Top Marquee Tent For Wedding Banquet

For the newlyweds, holding a wedding must be both formal and grand. Compared to indoor weddings, outdoor weddings emphasize the full integration of scenario and atmosphere. Of course, also need to consider the environment, weather, and other uncontrollable factors, a wedding tent can be the perfect solution to these problems.

Among them, the clear top wedding marquee tent is a kind of advanced and commonly used tent product. Every wedding season, hotel weddings are always underbooked, so they consider wedding canopies. However, there are still many people who do not understand wedding tents. Let’s have a detailed introduction by Marquee-Tent.


Advantages Of Wedding Tent

The marquee tent is not restricted by the ground and can easily cope with concrete, grass, forest, beach, and other venues. Whether it is day or night. The transparent tent can blend in with the outdoor environment and scenery, which is incomparable to hotel weddings. Inside the tent can be placed professional lighting and dancing facilities, white drapes, wedding props, and other facilities, to customize an exclusive luxury wedding for you.

The construction cost of the tent is only one-third of that of a traditional brick building for the same area. It has a theoretical service life of up to 20 years, with negligible maintenance costs later. Medium and large canopies are available for rental, with only periodic payments required. Even individuals can afford to rent a marquee tent. For different design styles of weddings, canopies use different props, and their rental costs are also different.

Canopies are a trusted backup solution. The “wedding season” is at a specific time of the year. This can make hotel reservations difficult. However, canopies can be erected very quickly, sometimes within a week of being ready for use. This allows your wedding to be held on time and with more freedom of schedule than a hotel wedding.


Design of wedding tents

Many couples will struggle with the size of the wedding tent. The size of the marquee is spaced at 5 meters and can be extended and widened indefinitely. Even if the wedding guests are 500 or 1,000 people, there is no fear. However, after a certain range, the larger the size of the marquee, the cheaper the rent per square meter will be.

If you want to hold a dream wedding, we recommend you use a clear top wedding marquee tent. It is customary for European weddings to have the vows ceremony on the lawn and the banquet will be indoors. The advantage of a clear top is being outdoors and having a view of the sky and the surrounding scenery. With the use of high-powered ventilation, the tent will not feel stuffy inside. The tent will be equipped with tables, chairs, flooring, air conditioning, flowers, lights, sound, veil, etc. so that guests can be immersed in a warm and romantic wedding atmosphere.

Weddings in different countries and different faiths will have different effects. The magic is clear top wedding tent has consistent praise. In addition to family subscriptions, there are large hotels added to the wedding venue. After the wedding, the tent can be converted for a party,  storage, and other uses.