10mx40m Transparent Wedding Tent

Tent Wedding Vs Venue ,No More Venue Anxiety.

Are you unable to handle the small details of your wedding due to work commitments? Is it too expensive to leave it to a wedding planner? We suggest you use a wedding tent. It is easy to set up and there is no constraint. It can be used outdoors and solves the trouble of not being able to book a wedding hotel. Wedding tents belong to the category of net span tents, usually used for conferences or small trade shows. Because the use of a glass curtain wall makes the tent shape more beautiful and solid.


The glass curtain wall has the following characteristics.

1, light transmittance: because the glass tent uses a glass curtain wall other than the border without another shading. Therefore, light transmission is very good, sunlight can be directed to the interior of the tent.

2, heat preservation: the heat preservation performance of glass curtain walls far exceeds that of ordinary tarpaulins, which is suitable for outdoor use in winter. Some customers choose glass tents as greenhouse canopies.

3, long service life: glass tents have a longer service life in the open-air environment.

4, aesthetics: glass curtain wall with an internal lighting effect is more beautiful.

Use with some glass accessories, such as glass doors, glass walls, and other accessories. It is easier to combine into a glass curtain wall tent. At night, the lighting effect of the glass tent is the best. It gives people a feeling of being in a crystal castle.

Couples who intend to book a hotel for their wedding and wedding reception know that it is very difficult to book a hotel. So choosing a tent as a wedding reception dining venue is not a good choice.

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