5 Tips To Enhance Advanced Atmosphere Of Wedding

As a kind of assembled building, the canopy has the advantages of being easy to build, solid structure, reusable, and so on. On a variety of wedding occasions the use of more and more widely. So, how to use the canopy to create a beautiful and romantic wedding?

Canopy color

The color of the tarp and the shape of the canopy can be customized. The common wedding theme color is white. Simple and high-end, for the wedding atmosphere is very good to enhance; luxury wedding commonly used is red. Can make guests feel the joy of marriage immersive. The shape of the canopy can choose herringbone, arched, arched, spire, etc., depending on the specific requirements.

Lighting and staging

Lighting inside the marquee is indispensable. Arrange some colored lights, LED lights, or spotlights on the wall, ceiling, or floor to make the wedding atmosphere more intense by using different colors of lights. The stage can be installed with sound, and a screen, and used to hold some small games, and activities. This will look more high-end atmosphere, and the hotel wedding is comparable.

Flowers for decoration

Some brightly colored flowers can be placed along the walls, corners, or aisles of the canopy. Give your guests a taste of nature. You can even set the wedding site outdoors.


Many female guests will wear high heels to the wedding. To avoid slipping or getting your heels stuck in the mud, etc., you can lay wooden flooring inside the tent. Also, check-in advance that the floor of the tent is level to ensure that tables and chairs can be placed neatly.

Other details

Wedding canopies are generally recommended to install veils to create a dreamy atmosphere. The veil can be in red, white, or mixed colors. The interior can also be decorated with some balloons to add interest. In addition, in summer and winter, you can also install air conditioning, electric fans, etc., to maintain a balanced temperature inside and outside, so that guests can play comfortably and eat at ease.

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