Why Outdoor Wedding Tent So Popular Among Youngster?

Compared with a romantic wedding in a hotel, outdoor weddings emphasize the full integration of scenery and atmosphere to create a wedding of “your own”. Lili tents provide you with perfect wedding solutions, including venue planning, tent installation, interior decoration, after-sales service, and so on. Even in the face of uncertain weather and a large number of guests, wedding tents can solve all these problems.

It is a semi-permanent building with both aesthetics and practicality. The canopy adopts a modular design, different canopy components can be combined, just like Lego building blocks. In shape, there are various shapes such as herringbone, flat roof, shaped, curved and transparent. Create different shapes according to your needs to achieve the visual effect you need.

The production and erection technology of modular wedding canopies is very mature. For the same area, the construction cost of the tent is only one-third of the traditional concrete building, and the maintenance cost is negligible afterward. Later on, the tent can be transformed into other uses such as parties, banquets, warehouses, etc.

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