Plan A Luxury Wedding With A Transparent Tent

When couples hold a wedding, how to set up a luxury wedding site? Usually, people will decide according to the size of the wedding and the style they like. Some couples want to have a luxurious and grand wedding, here to teach you how to design a luxurious wedding plan.


Outdoor Lawn

The outdoor lawn wedding venue is decorated very romantically and beautifully. The wedding venue is full of greenery, making people feel very vibrant and energetic. At the entrance, there are two photo walls with very romantic photos on them, which feels very warm. The chairs on the lawn are uniformly white and blue decorated, forming a bright landscape. There is also a circle surrounded by transparent umbrellas, in line with the overall style.

There were also bright bouquets of flowers next to the aisle, emitting a refreshing fragrance.


Luxury Transparent Wedding Tent

After determining the number of attendees for your wedding, it is crucial to customize a transparent and luxurious wedding tent. After the wedding vows session on the outdoor lawn, you enter the dining and party revelry session. The big screen on the stage plays an elaborate wedding video and romantic love music is played. Let the guests enter into the memories of your love. Sitting on the elaborate white tables and chairs, watching and having a pleasant meal at the same time.

The luxury clear tent is a crucial part of the process, make sure to find the right company to customize it.


Unique stage design

The stage is not a large wedding site, the background material must be used light fabric. This is more ethereal and appears to be a very warm wedding. Satin-type material must not be used, which does not play a good-looking effect, and also gives a very heavy atmosphere. If it is an indoor wedding, it is best to design a semi-circular shape of the stage. Not only can everyone see the stage, but also allows a broader view.

If the stage is not large, you can design a 360-degree stage backdrop in the middle. All the guests in the room can see even if they are seated.


Wedding tent at night

At night, the transparent wedding tent allows a direct view of the starry sky. The best way to enjoy the natural outdoor scenery is to open the windows on both sides. After a busy wedding reception, sit in the hall with your girlfriends and have dinner. For the performance of the wedding day to review again, you can also take pictures to remember.

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