Luxury 20×30′ White Wedding Marquee With Themed Tables And Chairs

Every girl dreams of a dream wedding, the most precious memory of her life. Most weddings are held in a fixed building, which is a one-dimensional venue without any new ideas or surprises.

Liri’s large wedding tents offer many advantages, such as quick installation, low cost, and personalized design, making it easy to realize the wedding venue of your dreams. The wedding tents range from 3 to 80 meters and can accommodate 1000 or more wedding guests. Both the width and length far exceed that of a traditional fixed wedding hotel.

The wedding venue can be freely designed with planned stages, bars, work areas, dining areas, and more. Rationalization of entrances and exits can greatly enhance the experience of using the venue. The design includes standard herringbone and peak tops as well as polygonal, round, and hybrid tops to make your wedding tent unique. The interior sides can be flexibly arranged with materials such as clear PVC windows, aluminum doors, and ABS walls.

The Liri large wedding tent offers a range of matching tent accessories and decorations such as curtains, banquet tables and chairs, wooden flooring, lighting, curtains and more. With flowers, a stage and music, it presents the dream wedding of your dreams. The interior is huge, with no shade and a large empty space waiting for you to set up. In short, the Liri wedding tent can fully satisfy your beautiful ideas for your wedding.

Depending on your needs, the wedding tent can have a luxurious, extravagant, or minimalist decoration. The use of string lights and curtains creates a regal and luxurious atmosphere, with additional chandeliers adding light to the environment. White PVC and clear PVC windows are used on both sides to create a sense of openness. Wedding colors vary slightly from country to country, with white, pink, yellow, and gold all available to suit your preference.

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