Popular Wedding Tents For Sale

Private DIY Wedding Tents

Popular wedding tents generally have a clear span of 3m-12m and a side height of 2.6m, with an aluminum frame structure and hot-dip galvanized steel pipes. The shape of the covering roof can be made high, domed, or curved for a stylish look. Unlike the hard walls of traditional buildings, PVC fiber sidewalls can be used, or reinforced glass walls can be used. Both are airtight and the wind is resistant for everyday use. These outdoor wedding tents are very popular in all countries around the world.

This wedding tent can be decorated according to different themes and can be decorated with a pleated roof lining and side curtains to give a sophisticated and opulent look to the interior space. Purple for elegance, pink for romance, white for prestige, and red for festivity. By placing a few colored spotlights around the hall, the whole ballroom will look like a wedding castle full of beauty and romance when the evening reception comes.

The decoration of the entrance should not be overlooked, as this is the first place where guests are received. In addition to the reception desk, you can also put some flowers, an archway, long tables and chairs, a photo wall, etc. at the entrance. Make the vow site the main venue for the wedding party.

Better Control Of Your Budget

If your wedding has more than 200 guests then you will find that a wedding marquee is the best way to control costs. In fact, most people hire a wedding venue and other items in order to have a full wedding. This means that the venue, catering, entertainment, and decorations are an expensive expense and you will need to compare the best planners to suit your needs. A net span marquee gives you more control and saves you money when it comes to controlling your budget.

The perfect wedding is on everyone’s mind, plan a complete and unique wedding and make sure every guest has a great time. A wedding marquee is a perfect way to have the picturesque outdoor wedding you’ve always dreamed of. You can enjoy a wonderful day whatever the weather and save money on bargains.

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