Outdoor Wedding Tents With Luxury Decorations

Outdoor Wedding Tents With Luxury Decorations

Outdoor Wedding Tents For Sale

Do you want to have an upscale and romantic outdoor wedding? I think it is the dream of all girls. Don’t worry, Liri-Tents can make your dreams come true.

As the largest and best tent manufacturer in China, Liri-Tents can provide outdoor wedding tents with different roof shapes. For example, A-shaped, spherical, square tower, peak, polygon, geodesic, cube, and many more tent roof shapes.

Our outdoor wedding tents are modularly installed. This means that the length and width are virtually unlimited. From 3m to 80m, the width of each frame tent is determined by the terrain and is not limited.

A wedding tent of this size can accommodate over 1000 people and more. The capacity of the tent is up to you.

The space is decorated with a wide range of items and accessories that determine the style and mood of your wedding. Different people choose different wedding styles: luxurious, extravagant, minimalist, rustic, ethnic, etc. It all depends on the style of your wedding.

Liri-Tents is a professional supplier of wedding tents. We will provide creased roof lining, curtain decoration, crystal chandeliers, glass walls, ABS walls, double wing glass doors, clear PVC windows, clear PVC roof covers and side walls, round tables and chairs, decorative stages, VIP flooring, carpets, etc.

If you have more ideas for your wedding marquee and then need a strong executor, please feel free to contact us.

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