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10x30m Frame Tent For Luxury Wedding

10x30m Frame Event Tent With Transparent Wall

Wedding-Tent offers different sizes of framed event tents. These tents can be erected on different terrains to provide an ideal temporary event space for your weddings, banquets, and parties.

This 10x30m frame tent has a transparent roof and curtain wall and can accommodate between 100 and 300 guests. With the luxury of interior lighting and rainbow spotlights, guests will feel like they are in a dreamlike space.

This time the client requested a stage, dance floor, bar, and dining bar to be installed inside the marquee. The design and ambiance of a fine dining restaurant were incorporated into the wedding venue.

In order to make the wedding atmosphere feel stronger, we added a flower and plant fence at the entrance of the tent to guide customers into the interior. A wooden flooring platform is added to the lawn to give the wedding tent a palace-like visual experience. This sturdy wooden flooring can withstand heavy loads and will not damage the lawn.

Customized Tent Décor For You

Wedding-Tent offers different sizes of event tents and offers furniture and décor in the appropriate style. Each frame event tent has a different layout of areas and a different style of decoration. With the unique design, lighting, and furniture, customers can feel safe and comfortable when entering the tent, no matter whether it is rain, wind, heat, or cold outside.

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