Indian Wedding Tent Design Ideas

Liri Tent offers lots of Indian wedding tent design ideas as we have been sending various of sizes and different design wedding tents to India.

Wedding Tent is one of the top sales tent series, no matter it is in India or many other counties, it is more and more popular to use these movable wedding tents in different venues for elegant wedding parties. For example, it can be used next to the rivers, at the foot of a hill, or in the space in the crowded city center.  


Normally, an Indian wedding tent requires a big size tent hall to accommodate over 1000people capacity and some are asking for 2000~3000people. The clear span width 30m,40m and 50m and length of the tent hall could be 50m,60m, and even 100m, these are all their favorable size for these big Indian wedding parties. The internal design, it requires fresh colorful decorations, especially for the red and gold color; Also luxury chandeliers, colorful stage lightings, and the beautiful carpet, tables and chairs are also needed for an Indian wedding party.


Liri tent not only offers a high-quality wedding tent but also can offer lots of professional ideas on how to choose the venue, decorate the external and internal of the wedding tent hall, a completed solution for the clients.