Popular Colourful Wedding Marquee

As the largest and most trusted Chinese wedding tent manufacturer, Liri-tents offers more than 100 types of frame tents for different events and different environments: luxury wedding parties, backyard wedding banquets, outdoor weddings, and personalized custom wedding canopies. The classic A-frame tents and borderless canopy tents are extremely quick to erect and inexpensive. Whatever look you need for your wedding tent, Liri-tents has the right one for you.

Colorful tents for sale for weddings

1. No length limit – With a modular frame tent, there is never a limit to the number of guests you can have at your wedding. Although it has a fixed width, you can increase the length of the tent from 20m to 100m and 100 to 1000 people.

2. Customised roof – With a tent frame uniformly made of high-strength aluminium, you will get a sturdy space. Its roof is available in over 20 shapes to choose from – round, square, polygonal, conical, oval, and more.

3. Modular equipment – just like in your home, the tent can be surrounded by air conditioning, a fan changer, security doors, sound equipment, and much more. Feel free to attach external equipment as required to enhance the feel of your wedding tent.

4. Anywhere – From uneven grass to superstores or rooftops, you can choose any location for your wedding marquee. Most of our customers choose a quiet outdoor environment to complete the installation.

5. Flexibility of use – the tent can be used for as long as you like, purchased or rented, and Liri-tents offers a tent delivery and installation and collection service in most countries to meet customer requirements.

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