Outdoor Wedding Tent Rentals

Rent a Tent for Your Outdoor Wedding

Compare with indoor wedding, outdoor wedding is more energetic and fun. Fresh air, natural scenery, all of these will be part of your wedding, isn’t that wonderful? But in outdoor, you always need to prepare for the weather, in case the rain or sun spoils your wedding ceremony or party. That is why you need to rent a tent for you wedding.

We provide all kinds of sizes and shapes wedding tent, such as square, half sphere, A shape and acrum etc. That makes the site of wedding easier to decide. Besides, you can choose the transparent tent if you’re going to hold your wedding at evening, and choose the tent with roof cover if the weather is too hot, expand the tent size if that’s needed. So if you are going to have a outdoor wedding, rent a tent from Liri can never go wrong.

Rent a tent from Liri, we can satisfy all your needs and offer you high quality products.

Wedding Tent Series Specifications

Span Width Eave Height Ridge Height Bay Distance Main Profile
10m 3.88m 5.53m 5m 204x120x4mm (4 – channel)
12m 3.88m 5.83m 5m 204x120x4mm (4 – channel)
15m 3.88m 6.30m 5m 204x120x4mm (4 – channel)
20m 3.88m 7.10m 5m 204x120x4mm (4 – channel)
21m 3.88m 7.25m 5m 204x120x4mm (4 – channel)
25m 3.88m 7.88m 5m 204x120x4mm (4 – channel)

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