Ideas and Advice For Wedding Receptions

If you’re looking for wedding reception ideas, then why read on, as you will find a wealth of ideas to help you create unique and unusual receptions.

Whether you are organizing a wedding or just a reception, civil wedding, or another type of special occasion this article will provide you with invaluable ideas and advice to make sure your event is a success and one to remember. Big wedding party tent.


The design concept of different scenes

There are many ways of planning, hosting, and organizing wedding receptions & parties, though certain styles stand out as being more classy or memorable for those who attend them. Below is a list of wedding reception ideas and helpful advice:

  • Themed Reception Ideas. A unique idea for your reception is to decide on a theme for your event. This can be in the form of a themed and decorated wedding venue or reception venue. You can request that your guests attend in a fancy dress theme. Or you can arrange for the whole event to be themed around a particular style, era or hobby that you and your partner share, such as ‘Star Trek’, 70’s Disco or 1920s style.
  • Outdoor Reception Ideas. A great idea is to host your wedding reception outdoors. Ideally, this idea relies on there being good weather on the day of your reception, though by organizing a wedding marquee for your big day, you can always move your guests indoors if need be. An outdoor wedding reception is ideal if you have lots of guests as you will have more space for them to mingle and for younger guests to run around. By holding your party outdoor different catering options are available to you, such as a BBQ-themed menu or a summer-influenced outdoor buffet with salads and fresh fruits.
  • Seasonal Wedding Reception Ideas. Another great idea is to arrange for your event to be held in a certain season of the year which means something to you. This could be nearer spring, summer, or perhaps even a wintery reception party themed around snow, snowflakes, and Christmas. All of these can be realized without your guests having to endure the unpredictability of British weather. If you want your event to be held in spring or winter and you wish to use a marquee as your wedding venue, heating can easily be used in marquees nowadays to keep your guests warm. Or if you want your marquee reception party in the summer you can use air-conditioning units.
  • Entertainment for Wedding Reception Ideas. Something that is not always considered as being all that important when organizing and planning a wedding and or reception party is what entertainment to organize. So as not to rely on a relative who has an interest in DJ’ing or knows of a music band who can do weddings, a great idea is to contact a wedding planning company to see what options they offer. The music and entertainment at your wedding could make all the difference. There are many options available such as hiring a DJ, organizing a karaoke machine & projection screen, a live band, or even hiring a stand-up comedian.
  • Transport to Your Reception Ideas. There are many ways to travel to and from your wedding reception, from your own car, sharing with a family friend or relying on public transport. But a great idea for getting to your party is to hire a limousine, either a modern or a vintage car or a horse and cart, though only suitable for relatively short distances, arriving in a carriage is still a very elegant way to make an entrance.

Wedding Venue Ideas

There are many options when considering what type of wedding venue to choose for your special day, from stately homes, castles, marquees, churches, and even sports event reception halls such as golf course clubhouses. Whether you are a fan of golf or not, by choosing golf clubhouses as your wedding reception venue you will usually benefit from being located within picturesque well kept landscaped grounds.

Unique or Unusual Wedding Venue

If you are looking for a unique or unusual wedding or wedding reception venue, then a golf course is an ideal choice as it offers sporting activities for guests during the day and hospitality services for meals and your wedding ceremony and reception party afterward. Some golf clubs even offer accommodation as part of an adjoining hotel and tend to have adequate car parking facilities to cover your guests’ cars.