Custom Tent for Wedding

Custom Your Wedding Tent

Liri-tents is the largest manufacturer of wedding tents in Asia. We not only offer standard A-Tent structures but also customized wedding tents. We can also offer different types of customized tents such as polygonal tents, curved tents, curved tents, dome tents, and many more. Some of our specialized tents are our most popular products, such as hemispherical tents and geodesic tents. Frankly speaking, we have received many accolades for our customized tents.

How do you customize a wedding tent? For the street, we need to determine the size of the tent with you, which is related to the price. It is not a difficult calculation, with 1.2 square meters per person for a wedding tent size, 100 people would be 1200 square meters for a wedding tent. Tables, chairs, aisles, stages, etc. also have to be taken into account for the size of the tent. You will also need to add in the cost of decoration, which is not a small amount.

Bespoke tents offer a great deal of flexibility, from tent shape to size, matching the ability to use different scenarios. Custom-designed curved tents for lavish events in the heart of Nigeria, custom polygonal tents for basketball tournaments, tennis stadiums for up to 2000 people, peak custom tents for king’s birthday celebrations, and small multi-sided tents for outdoor family gatherings near swimming pools. Alternatively, use combination tents fixed together for permanent structures in some hotels, warehouses, etc., which are also a great option. The best tents come from the best bespoke ideas, give us your ideas and we will check if the tent idea is available and provide you with the best solution.


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