Cube Double Decker Structure Sale

The obvious period we’ve for that Thermo Roof structure Cube Double Decker construction series is 10m 15m 20m 25m 30m 40m, and also the principal account dimension is 300x120x5mm.

The features of the Thermo roof structure

The rooftop of the camping tent is made simply by Thermo covered PVC cloth, along with warmth padding and also maintenance and also thermostatic effect.

a couple of. The top will be smooth, and also the roof structure message will be 7.

It really is really worth mentioning that there’s a tippet on the eave of the outdoor tents, right after advancement and innovation, we all increased the area for that banner advertising, which provided our customers with the platform to be able to print Advertisements about the camping tents.

Just as our normal dual decker camping tents, the actual Thermo roof structure cube dual decker framework can assist you to expand the particular “active area” when your genuine region will be limited and that means you can make use of twice room and also aera from the projected region.

Thermo roofing accessories

The actual Thermo roofing dice dual decker framework may be built with outside veranda, people could possibly get a really broad skyline from it, the industry excellent option for sports games (such as football games, playing golf, equestrian, as well as vehicle racing, etc. use because Private room spectator stands.

There are many accessories for the double-decker framework. These kinds of accessories are aluminum stairs within or outside the actual tents, sidewalls together with apparent PVC cathedral home windows, floor anchor, lining as well as drape, glass wall structure program, ABS tough wall structure system, hoagie walls method, steel linen wall program, cup doors, slipping doors, electromotive going front door program, transparent roof cover as well as sidewalls and also floor coverings method.


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