20×20 White Luxury Wedding Tent

A wedding is an important milestone in a person’s life. Marriage is the biggest day in life and a successful wedding will be appreciated by family and friends and will be the most beautiful memory. Since the popularity of cell phones, canopy weddings have come into the limelight. It becomes more and more important to know how to choose and decorate a canopy wedding.

How to set up a wedding reception canopy

1、Types and sizes of canopies

Depending on your budget and the number of guests invited to the party, determine the size and type of wedding canopy to rent. Common types of outdoor wedding canopies include party canopies, event canopies and wedding canopies. Party canopies are suitable for private parties, wedding canopies for stylish and festive occasions and event canopies for large exhibitions.

2、Transparent tarpaulin

Tent canopy can choose fully transparent and opaque two kinds of tarpaulin. In order to banquet visual effect, most people will choose the full transparent tarp. Through the canopy, blue sky, white clouds, green mountains, green water, through the harvest.

3, the theme of the wedding reception colour

Determine the location of the wedding or the colour decoration of the attending guests’ dresses. Gold, silver, and crimson are good choices. Or a mix of multiple colour schemes is also gorgeous enough.

4. Enough lighting

The wedding reception is usually in the evening. Of course, twinkling lights, coloured lights, or even neon lights can be used to create a romantic atmosphere.

5. Special ceiling and curtains for the marquee

Decorate the roof with a silk or tulle fabric that matches the theme of the wedding reception, such as a professional canopy ceiling. Silk or tulle can make a marquee stylish and dreamy. Curtains in the same shade as the ceiling can be installed on the side walls to make the space more coordinated and aesthetically pleasing.

6. Decorate the banquet table with flowers

Place flowers on the reception tables. On each table, place a few flowers and favours. Remember to match the colour of the flowers to the wedding cake, as well as coordinate with the other canopy decorations and the overall colour scheme.

7. Set up sofas or round tables

A sofa or round table and chairs can be placed inside the marquee. On the coffee table or round table, you can place some wedding candies and fruits, and around the marquee, you can hang or place wedding photo frames for your loved ones and friends to enjoy your sweet time with your loved one before the party starts.

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