White Wedding Marquee on Lawn

Unlike traditional hotel weddings, young people in Z-Generation are more inclined to free wedding ceremonies and environments. Our luxury wedding marquees are able to be installed in a variety of outdoor environments such as meadows, shores, and sandy areas. 20×20 meter event marquees are large enough to accommodate nearly 10 banquet tables for approximately 100 people, making them ideal for small weddings.

The wedding marquee is secured through the use of stone cubes, thus avoiding damage to the grass to a large extent. In order to achieve a quick installation of the tent, we chose T6 industrial aluminum, which is able to withstand winds of 8-10 gusts. And, most importantly, the wedding tent can be extended with space at 5-meter intervals as needed. It is due to this feature that it is widely popular.

If you are the manager of a high-class hotel, you must know all about the decorations and flow of a luxurious wedding. Wedding tents utilize almost 99% of the space used, which means that you can adjust the style of decoration as you wish. Whether it’s white, red, pink, or blue d├ęcor, you’re free to switch it up and make each wedding a new experience.

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