Choosing Wedding Marquees for Your Wedding

Outdoor weddings are fast becoming the choice of couples getting married today. If you are one of these couples, you should know that aside from choosing a good wedding marquee hire, there are also various choices of wedding marquees. Wedding marquees are available in different styles, shapes and sizes. Before you decide on a marquee company, you should choose from among different styles of wedding marquees first. Wedding party tent.

Tepee Style Wedding Marquee: These resemble party tents which are built on a tripod arrangement of poles. This tent has exposed beams and interior ropes. This marquee looks less formal compared to other types of marquees. They provide a casual place for meeting people and starting conversations.

Bedouin or Indian Tent Wedding Marquee: A Bedouin tent can have open pavilions or canopy designs but it has a stylish exterior with exotic designs which sets it apart from other types of wedding marquee. The tent has walls and ceilings which are adorned with various drapes made of Moroccan or Indian fabrics. Tents like this are more appropriate for evening wedding parties.

Framed Wedding Marquee: These marquees have strong metal frames to support them and they also come complete with hard floors, windows and structured walls. This is a large tent which can be divided into different sections. You can have a dancing area, a bar area and a dining area all in one tent. Aside from that, it can also come with air conditioning, lighting and heating facilities. This is the perfect wedding marquee for large weddings and it is suitable for unexpected weather changes. They can be very costly but they are worth every penny.

There are many things which will determine the type of wedding marquee you will choose for that special event in your life. The available space or conditions at the site should be considered. Of course, you will want the marquee to fit in the venue. If you have wedding caterers, you will want a place where they can work without any disturbance. This can easily be addressed by having a catering tent joined to the main structure of the wedding marquee. Do not forget that caterers will also need power, light and water. Some of the things which use up the most power are kettles, water boilers, lighting and bands. You might need to hire a generator for all of these.

Wedding marquee contractors should also provide the tables, chairs and other furniture for the wedding party. They are even in charge of the table linen, chair covers, as well as crockery and glasses. If the wedding marquee hire does not have the style of linen or tableware you like, you can always rent them separately at an extra cost. For couples who will be hiring the services of a DJ or a band to entertain the wedding guests, you should not forget to ask if the marquee company also provides modular dance floors and portable stages.

For marquees which will be far from toilet facilities, portable toilets or individual toilet cubicles are a must. These units also require power and of course, they come at an additional cost.

Importance of a Wedding Marquee

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