Wedding Party Tent Used for Catering and Hospitality

 Buy a Tent for Your Wedding Party

Many customers bought tents for their wedding and decorated the wedding party tent for catering and hospitality.

Outside the wedding party tent, it looks like a real building with glass doors and glass walls, and inside, it is decorated with linings and curtains, round tables and chairs are neatly laid out, and glass tableware is on the round table. Also, with sound speak and lighting, people can enjoy dinner comfortably and dance casually.

Wedding party tent size can be chosen from 3m to 60m, and the length is unlimited which can be Increased or decreased by 3 and 5 meters. There are many optional accessories you can choose for the tent, such as white PVC fabric sidewalls, clear PVC sidewalls, glass walls and doors, lining, curtain, luxury chandeliers, flooring and banquet furniture and so on. It can be reception 100 – 1000 people.

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