500 People Geodesic Dome Tent For Outdoor Wedding

Geodesic Dome Tent For Huge Wedding

The clear-topped dome tent for Liri’s 500-person outdoor wedding. It is constructed from a robust, hot-dip galvanized powdered steel structure and a waterproof, fire-retardant PVC fabric.

We are constantly improving and upgrading our geodesic dome tents to meet the needs of different customers. As you can see, not only the standard PVC doors but also the double-wing glass doors are available for the tents. They are suitable for different occasions.

To make staying inside more comfortable and safer, we have designed some ventilation holes in the fabric.

As for the design, we have different membrane options for you:

  • Transparent front: white, opaque PVC fabric with a detachable, exchangeable clear, transparent front part.
  • Blockout: white, opaque PVC fabric with the detachable, exchangeable white, opaque front part.
  • Transparent membrane: completely transparent PVC cover, ideal for night events.
  • Branded membrane: fully color printed fabric or printed detachable front part.
  • Open dome: a unique 2-in-1 solution that combines the classic freedom shape with a completely innovative mobile stage system.

Now, a full line of optional accessories is available for Liri Geodesic Dome Tent, for example, the lighting, lining and curtains, air cons, and so on.

It is not just a simple geodesic dome tent, it could be fully decorated by yourself, in that way the tent will be more suitable for different events that you hold.


Geodesic Dome Tent Series Specifications

Type Diameter Ceiling Height Floor Area Volume
HST-5 5m 2.5m 20m2 33m3
HST-6 6.29m 3.85m 30m2 70m3
HST-8 8m 4.7m 50m2 135m3
HST-9.5 9.5m 4.75m 75m2 225m3
HST-12 12m 6m 110m2 450m3
HST-14 14m 7.85m 154m2 700m3
HST-19 19m 9.5m 283m2 1795m3
HST-25 25m 12.5m 490m2 4090m3
HST-30 30m 15m 706m2 7070m3

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