9x18m Transparent Wedding Tent

The modern wedding party is no longer a restaurant-style party. Transparent wedding tents will subvert your imagination.

In the past, hotel-style wedding party venues are small, poorly decorated, old tables and chairs, and expensive to rent, etc., is the shortcomings and topics that people have been criticized. The more luxurious the hotel wedding, the more expensive the cost, far beyond the regular wedding costs.

Now, you can customize a wedding banquet of your own by the admission guests, venue environment, and the magnitude of decoration.

For example, a small wedding reception for 100 guests, a medium-sized wedding dinner for 200 guests, and a large luxury wedding party for 500 guests. The style of the wedding venue can be converted many times according to the European vintage decoration style, Indian copper wedding, Chinese dragon wedding, etc. A professional wedding planning company will fulfill the mission for you.

High-level receptions and banquets usually have special requirements such as stages, music stands, reception rooms and so on. The purpose is achieved by additionally erecting small canopies, capsule rooms, aluminum canopies, and so on. Past experience has shown that equipment rooms, kitchens, lounges, and other back office staff require more temporary workspace.

In the case of Modular Tent Factory, it may only take 7 days to provide a set of 9x18m transparent wedding tent, from preparing the tent frame, cutting PVC fiber fabric, aluminum doors and windows, transporting the materials, installing it on site and pitching it for use. It may seem unbelievable to you, but we really can do this.

Even for wedding planners, it is recommended to purchase a modular structure tent. Aluminum frame and double-layer PVC fiber cloth can be used for 5 to 15 years, and the individual parts continue to be used.

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