Huge Tents For 1000 People With Luxury Decoration

30 x 60 Large Marquee For Sale

30 x 60m Huge Tents For 1000 People With Luxury Decoration are kinds of functions such as wedding party, conference meeting, VIP reception room, big event launch ,church and so on.

For aboved pictures, our 30m x 60m Huge Tents set up on the grass around tree, it opens sidewall, so you can see outside sightseeing any time. And decorates colorful pleated roof lining and curtain,Fluttering in the wind and some steel banquet chairs and round table with white cover.The blue sky, grass ground, the large tent with luxury decoration, you will be feel good in this scenery.

In addition, our 30 x 60 Large Marquee with Luxury Decoration is available various accessories, not only for roof lining and curtain, but also for glass wall and ABS wall instead of plain white pvc sidewall, clear pvc window, double wing glass door, VIP flooring system, chiavari chair and banquet table, air conditioner and ect. Meanwhile,our large huge tent is not just for normal A shape, they could be Arched roof shape, high peak shape, double decker shape, geodesic and so on. Meanwhile, the side height of our large tent could be adjustable according to your requirements,2.6m, 3m, 3.3m, 4m, 5m, 6m.

And our width of our large tent are available  60m, while the length is modular, 3m or 5m each bay and also unlimited.

Actually, only you have a special idea, can we give more attractive and charming tent and good memory for your party.

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