How Practical is a Garden Wedding?

Somehow, the season of spring and garden weddings seem to work together beautifully. Having a wedding ceremony out in the open after being indoors all winter is certainly a welcoming thought for the couple to be wed and their guests. Many couples who have tied the knot in a garden confirm that this method of getting married is less formal and allows guests to socialize more with one another. This is probably due to the informal seating arrangements and the lovely possibility of taking languid walks around the garden during the reception. The children at this wedding will be overjoyed at the idea of prancing and running around happily, albeit in their best wedding attire. Wedding event party tent.

Planning for a garden wedding in spring should ideally start six months to a year ahead. This is because you need to look for a suitable garden where you can have the ceremony. Next, it is best to find out if you can plant the seeds of your favorite spring flowers in this garden. If the proprietor allows you to do so, you ought to employ a Landscape Designer to help you in your selection of plants and flowers. Once you are happy with your choice, this person can go ahead and start planting the desired seeds. Do leave it to the professional to decide on how to grow these plants so everything will be in full bloom, come spring.

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When it comes to giving your guests garden wedding favors, the obvious choice would be little flower boxes with seeds of the couple’s favorite flower. These can be planted in spring and will bloom fully in summer. It is hoped that the couple’s love will grow and blossom, just like the flower seeds that are taken home by the guests. Daisies, hyacinths and lilies are some of the flower seed options you could offer as favors. Other choices for you to consider would be magnolia, cherry blossom and lilacs. Whatever your choice, do allow sufficient time for obtaining the seeds in order to give them away as spring wedding favors.

One couple that had an outdoor wedding highlighted the point that they did not spend much on flowers for the bouquets and button holes simply because they were surrounded by beautiful blooms anyway as the wedding was after all held in a garden! The bride was also able to get away with a simple yet elegant wedding dress that did not have a train as this would have been a terrible feature to lug around in a garden wedding. However, spring is also the time when one can expect showers, hence the wedding marquee is very important and it should be able to keep everyone dry in the event that the weather does not hold up.

If the garden venue is rather far from the bride’s home, she and her parents can choose to book a few rooms in a hotel nearby or on the garden grounds if there is such accommodation. This would make it simpler for her to get ready on the wedding day and it would also avoid any delays. In terms of the food served, it should be simple and easy to enjoy as most of the time the guests would be walking around and mingling. Finger food more often than not seems like the most logical choice at such a venue. Here is something to smile about as you prepare for your garden wedding in spring, ‘Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?’

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