Custom Tent for Wedding

Custom Your Wedding Tent

As the biggest tent manufactory in Asia, LIRI TENT not only just provide the standard A-frame tent structure, but also famous on custom tents, especially for custom wedding tent. We can offer you different kinds of custom tent such as multi-sides tent, polygon tent, arcum tent, curve tent, dome tent etc. Some of the have very special shapes. Now half sphere tent, geodesic tent is our hot product, they are very popular in wedding party and events, and we won a lot of reputation from the custom tent.

How we can customize your wedding tent? First it is the custom tent size, which relate to the price. For example, for a wedding, we can calculate the wedding tent size by how many people inside the wedding tent and 1.2 square meters per person. And tables, chairs, aisle, stage and so on should also be considered into the tent size. Once we have the size, we can customize the tent according your own decoration ideas. With the custom design idea, we can figure out the cost of your wedding tent. That’s how we make it.

Our custom tents with different sizes and shapes are used in all kinds of filed: custom design arcum tent for luxury event in center of Nigeria, custom polygon tent used for basketball game, tennis hall for 2,000 people inside, high peak custom tent used for the king birthday celebration, small multi-side tent used for outdoor family party near swimming pool. Also, it is a good option using the combinatorial tent fix together used for some hotel permanent structure, warehouse and so on. Best tent comes from best custom ideas, deliver your idea to us and we will check the idea of the tent is available or not and provide the best solution for you.

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