10mx40m Transparent Wedding Tent

10mx40m Transparent Wedding Tent
The picture above shows Liri 10x40m transparent wedding tent with. It can accommodate about 350 to 400 people for wedding party.Compared with the ordinary white color tent, it is very unique, especially at night. The transparent wedding tent is a perfect solution for night wedding events because the designed concept of the transparent wedding tents is safe, efficient elegant, and well-vision, which provide acreative space and romantic atmosphere solutions to customers.

transparent wedding tent

The transparent wedding tent is made of transparent PVC roof covers, sidewalls, and aluminum frame. The transparent PVC fabric is waterproof and flame retardant. And the aluminum frame is very strong and durable which can be used as much as 20 years.


Liri Tent can always offer you the best quality transparent wedding tent at the best price. Besides, Liri Tent can offer you the best tent service. We have plenty of optional accessories for you, you can enjoy the one stop service from us.


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