Large Geodesic Dome Tent With Transparent Fabric

20m Geodesic Dome For Sale & Hire With PVC Fabric

Large Geodesic Dome Tent With Transparent Fabric is our latest product in our LIRI TENT, it is very popular in the world because of special shape.

It adopts steel frame, and white opaque or transparent pvc fabric. Of course,if whole roof pvc cover is transparent during outdoor event, it would be good since you can see outside clearly, the blue sky, Sunshine, tree and flower, river in the nature and so on. Meanwhile, if our Geodesic Dome Tent With Transparent Fabric for high class event at night, our tents would be charming during kinds of lighting. In addition, for our Large Geodesic Dome Tent,We always use for VIP reception, Hotel, food carnival, movies screen.

Besides, the size of our Geodesic dome tent is available for 5m, 6.3m, 8m, 9.5m, 12m, 14m, 19m, 25m and 30m, 40m diameter.As for installation, don’t worry, Our geodesic dome tent is easy to set up and dismantle, such as 5m geodesic tent, it just finishes installation in 3 hours by 3 people, it can save a lot of time and labor. Of course, it would be easy to carry compare to our clear span tent, the longest component is 1.03m and not so heavy.

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