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Tent manufacturers are always looking to improve the products to suit different climates and landscapes. Gone are the days where tents were only used for outdoor camping on remote hilltops? Today, most outdoor gatherings are held in attractive tents which are designed and customized according to customer wants and needs.

Modern tents are stable structures made of mostly aluminum frames with the top cover made of fabric. Traditional tents had guy ropes which were to be pitched around the tent to hold it up while modern ones stand on stable aluminum support and no ropes are needed.

Framed structures are more stable than conventional ones in case of heavy wind or rain. Another benefit of framed structure is that it can be easily set up against a wall or a house and the back entrance of the house can be integrated with the marquee.

Modern tents come in various shapes and sizes. Exhibition tents are modern tents which are used mainly for outdoor fairs and trade shows to display various products. Exhibition tents are stable structures and can fit into a large number of customers at the same time.

The size of the exhibition tents can vary a lot. It may be a huge structure for auto exhibitions to small structures for conferences. No poles are constructed inside the tent and therefore it is very spacious and also provides an unobstructed view of the event.

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The exhibition tents are made with aluminum frames and fabric between the frames. The frames provide durability against rain and wind while the fabric, being customizable, makes the tent look attractive. Windows and other accessories can be easily fitted on the tents which allow natural light to come inside the tent. The tents are waterproof and have UV resistant, flame retardant.

Linings can be used for tents and can be color matched according to the theme of the wedding. It can be used to cover the metal work and gives the marquee a clean look also making the tent feel a little warmer.

The exhibition tent structures can be installed on almost any surface like gravel, concrete, grass etc. as they do not require any permanent foundation. However, it only professionals should be used to construct the marquees to ensure safety for the guests. The tents are easy to deconstruct after the ceremony and has to be returned along with all its accessories to the vendor.

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If one is looking to hold a gathering at their favorite location, with a marquee designed according to their choice as well as a construction which will be economical then exhibition tents provided by tent manufacturers would provide the solution.

In addition, Our LIRI TENT as the biggest and best Tent Manufacturers / factory/supplier in China, our clear-span tents are from 3m to 60m wide, available with various shapes, such as A shapes, dome shapes, square pagoda shapes, high peak shapes, conversions, hexagonal, octagonal, decagonal and more. Customized tents are also available! They are widely used for wedding, party, event and exhibition, fair, products showing, celebration, sports event, military solution, temporary warehouse, workshop and so on. Meanwhile,most of our tents had got the engineer certificates and also the flame retardant certificates for the fabric from USA and Australia.The quality is same as the leading tent company in Germany. And we have been exported to over 97 countries until now and have won a good reputation both home and abroad due to we are more concerned about the quality and after-sale service.

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