A way to do your wedding for cheaper

Double Decker Tent

If you are looking for a way to do your wedding for cheaper (who isn’t?) then perhaps wedding tents might hold the answer for you. This is a very real solution that many couples don’t realize is an option, and by using wedding tents it’s possible to create all the magic of a dream wedding but without breaking the bank. Wedding tents are essentially of course tents that can be erected on a site in order to provide the venue for a wedding. This means that there is no need to hire out a banquet hall for a reception or to spend thousands on a hotel. Because you are bringing the venue in the form of a tent you won’t be charged huge amounts of money for the privilege.



What this also means is that you can use the party canopy as a way to be somewhere that might not otherwise have been an appropriate venue for a wedding at all. For instance, if you proposed to your fiance in the middle of a scenic park or field, then this place can end up having special sentimental value. However most people aren’t going to genuinely consider having a wedding in the open on a field as it would be muddy and ultimately destined for disaster. This then is where wedding tents come in €” providing you with the means to create a venue almost out of ‘thin air’ precisely where you want it. So this way you could find that field and then just erect a tent there to get married in. To hire this land for the occasion of course would also be much cheaper, and in fact you might even find that it’s free. Similarly you can use other venues with instant shelters. For instance if you were to know someone who had a large and nice house, or a house with a very large plot of land, then this might provide the perfect venue for a wedding. Again though you wouldn’t want to have the wedding just outside, so why not use a party canopy instead and thereby create the venue in their garden.
Tent for 2015 Beijing IAAF World Championships


This would then almost certainly be free, and as it wouldn’t be too expensive to buy or rent wedding tents it would be relatively a very cheap wedding. This could allow you to spend more money on other things to make it a night to remember, whether it’s the entertainment or the food. Wedding tents are also actually great for decorating and it’s actually quite easy to transform them into something very romantic. This is because they are yours to decorate as you please (unlike a banquet hall) and because they have a nice vibe of their own already. Party tents are the perfect half-way compromise between being outdoors and being indoors giving you the security and the shelter from the weather that comes from being indoors, but the climate and the ability to spill outside and use the space that you associate with outdoor events.