Considering a Marquee for Your Wedding?

Paul McCartney did it recently in the back garden of his London home, people do it in farmer’s fields and on the grounds of some of the most magnificent stately homes in the country – Marquee wedding parties are becoming a more and more popular alternative venue for newlyweds to celebrate their special day, offering couples a huge amount of flexibility when planning their special day. Big event party tent.

Marquees provide an ideal solution for those wanting to hold their wedding event in a specific area but either cannot get hold of a venue, do not like what is on offer or the venue they do want is just too expensive. They can even use their own garden, or that of a relative, making the event right on their doorstep. The cost of hiring a marquee and renting a piece of land can often work out cheaper than hiring out a venue at a hotel.


Features of the wedding marquees

Once a site for the marquee is chosen couples will have a great deal of flexibility on how they choose to decorate inside compare to a hotel wedding reception, allowing a real personal touch to the day. Marquee hire companies always have lots and lots of decoration materials to create different styles for the day. They can also hire out the furniture required, including chairs, tables, and bar areas.

They come in such a large variety of sizes, from those which can provide enough space for just close family and friends to almost limitless numbers as marquees can be interconnected meaning the only limits are based upon the size of land rented.


Marquee hire for weddings is becoming more popular because it offers a flexible and unique wedding, along with the choice of the most beautiful locations, all at a price that is very competitive.