Hot sale outdoor wedding tent with white roof lining

outdoor wedding tent

Hot sale outdoor wedding tent The pictures above shows our hot sale outdoor wedding tent. It is used in a famous hotel for weddings, events, banquet party, and so on. The mixed high peak tent is an eye-catching structure. It combines the regular A-shape unit, multi-side unit, and the high…

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Elegant transparent marquee party wedding tent

Elegant transparent marquee

Elegant transparent marquee party wedding tent with clear roof covers and sidewalls is used for luxury wedding party event. The wedding tent is with durable aluminum frames structure and people will decorate nice lightings to make the wedding tent become modern and beautiful. Transparent roof covers and sidewalls of tent…

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Luxury marquee party wedding tent with glass door

Transparent tent for wedding

Luxury marquee party wedding tent with glass door The picture shows our 20x25m luxury marquee party wedding tent with glass door. It is made of strong and durable aluminum frame, waterproof and flame retardant PVC roof covers, glass wall system, and double wing glass doors. Decorated with the lighting, roof lining,…

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Plan Your Wedding to Avoid Disaster

So you have decided you are with the man or woman of your dreams, you are head over heels in love and the next thing you know you’ve decided to walk down the aisle. When it comes to your wedding day many people forget that a lot of planning is…

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Four Tips for a Beautiful Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings have become more popular and are a lovely alternative to a church. You may want a more casual wedding, or marry in a place of personal significance, or you simply may choose your location due to budget restraints. Whatever the reason, an outdoor wedding is a beautiful option…

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Marquee Weddings

Marquees are a good option if you want your wedding reception in your own garden or that of a willing parent or friend. While the thought of planning your marquee wedding may be intimidating, the benefits of having a reception tailored to your exact requirements can be hugely rewarding. Wedding…

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Decorating a Marquee for an Outdoor Wedding

If you have decided to have an outdoor wedding then you will need to hire a marquee. Whether your wedding is being held in a garden, someone’s backyard or down at the beach, you will need to provide shelter for your guests and somewhere to hold the reception. You may…

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Considering a Marquee for Your Wedding?

Paul McCartney did it recently in the back garden of the his London home, people do it in farmer’s fields and on the grounds of some of the most magnificent stately homes in the country – Marquee wedding parties are becoming a more and more popular alternative venue for newlyweds…

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An Interesting Article On Marquee Hire

Whether hosting a corporate event or a garden party, a marquee will be needed. For those in Wirral, England, there are many Wirral marquee hire service companies that will provide marquees and other catering facilities that will make an event or a function unforgettable. When choosing a hire company, one…

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