What Wedding Marquee Is Best For You?

Everyone wants their wedding celebration to become romantic and memorable. You cannot find any more effective way of achieving that than using a marquee or tent which is decorated to your individual preferences and style. Your selection of marquee or tent will influence exactly how inventive you can actually be with the external and internal decor of your celebration. Wedding tent.

Here, is a summary of some of the marquees obtainable.

1. Clear span marquees

They are the most popular marquee structures for one reason alone – they are without any internal or external obstructions and, due to that, you may create almost any concept from a really blank canvass.

A clear span marquee consists of an aluminium frame, with white PVC walls and roofs. They’ve no internal poles or external guy ropes so when totally dressed no part of the frame can be viewed. What is good about them is how exchangeable the walls and roofs are. They don’t simply have to be plain and solid. They come in numerous alternatives. The walls and roofs can be clear giving a conservatory style effect, plus the walls can include things like Georgian windows which is a very popular look. Also, it is extremely simple to add more details to the main marquee like a porch, a catering marquee, and covered toilets.

Internally, in addition, they present you with a large amount of overall flexibility since there are diverse designs and colors of linings, swags and drapes for any walls and roofs.

Transparent tent (2)

If assembled by a trustworthy company they have solid wooden floors within the structure. This means you are able to put together all manner of carpet colors and styles to use for making different areas.

These are the reasons why they are so popular. No one marquee party need appear like the other.

2. Traditional Canvass Pole Marquees

Very much like circus marquees traditional canvass pole marquees are constructed in a similar manner with wooden central and side supporting poles and external guy ropes, and are made from canvas.

Before clear span marquees came into common use this is the style of marquee which had been used universally. But, they are not as common now for weddings since they are very difficult to maintain in a condition sufficient for a wedding as they tend to have problems with mildew, and are generally really hard to clean up after a few years use. So, the vast majority of marquee hire companies steer clear of them.

You’ll still see them at large agricultural and horticultural shows where the quality of the canvass is less important.

If you’re able to locate one in a very good condition certainly they make a very upmarket and elegant alternative to the clear span marquee when decorated with bunting, fairy lights or custom roof drapes.

3. American Style Marquees

The American Style Marquee is really a hybrid of your traditional canvas pole marquee which happens to be made of PVC, with aluminium poles and it is constructed in the same way. They can be distinguished from the traditional canvass pole marquee by their multi or twin-peaked roofs.

They are called American Style Marquees because they’re normally manufactured and imported from the USA, which makes them more expensive to hire due to the shipping and import duties.

Choosing Wedding Marquees for Your Wedding

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