Tips to Get the Most Out of Wedding Marquees

There many benefits of choosing wedding marquees over traditional wedding venues such as churches and the functions rooms of hotels. For example if you hold your wedding in a marquee you can completely personalize it around your own theme by using floral arrangements, guest seating, mood lighting, ambient background music and even the location of staging and live band areas. Big wedding party tent.

By hiring a marquee for your wedding you can pretty much style every aspect of your wedding venue and even style the outside of the marquee itself. Marquee hire companies often provide interior decor and some provide a selection of exterior decor to enhance the area around your wedding tent. For example some tent hire companies offer temporary wedding related props and picket fencing to add the touch of class to the entrance to your wedding.

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Wedding Marquee Furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your wedding is a key part of creating an impression of elegance and it can help make you wedding guests feel welcomed and relaxed. There are many different types of wedding furniture that can be hired for your marquee from standard dining chairs, to stylish gold painted antique look chairs with cushions.

Some marquee hire companies even offer lounge chairs for different areas of your wedding venue interior. For instance you may have an area dedicated for elderly guests who need more comfortable seating during the days’ proceedings and need more relaxing seats than up right dining chairs. In addition you may find that you need a children’s play area and require child sized seats and toys to keep them occupied during speeches and present giving.

Nowadays more people who are planning weddings want more sophisticated entertainment at their wedding. Wedding marquees are ideal for all types of entertainment rigs as they allow you to setup your staging, audio/visual displays and live band where you want them within the interior of the marquee. This is possible because modern marquee design benefits from not having support poles inside the tent area to hold up the ceiling. The marquee is supported by a rigid frame which is visible along the walls of the tent.

To truly get the most out of wedding marquees, it is best to choose to host your entire wedding day inside the marquee, from initial gathering, wedding day lunch, the actual wedding ceremony, evening meal and the wedding reception party later on in the evening. All these elements of your wedding can be held inside the marquee because you have space to layout each part in different areas, such as the ceremony, dining area and disco area.

It is clear to see that by holding your wedding in a marquee can make your day a day to remember. You can style marquees with your own theme and layout the interior to make you guests feel welcome and have space to relax and enjoy your wedding.

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Is a Wedding Marquee Right For Your Big Day?