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Hotel Tent – With the recent changes in national leisure concept, beautiful and romantic way to travel gradually acclaimed for traveling people, no matter where they are fond of romantic aesthetic experience, comfortable bed to sleep, eat personally cooking meals; artless feel warm living environment, tents hotel is in such an environment below the world, which allows travel to better enjoy traveling, feel comfortable and cozy modern life.

This outdoor tents made of high-strength lightweight aluminum alloy as a structural scaffold, double-sided PVC coated tarpaulin imported synthetic fiber cloth, waterproof, fireproof, UV and anti-about eight winds. Because of this material as a structural scaffold and tarp, outdoor tents span (width) can reach 10 meters, 20 meters, 30 meters or 60 meters, set up tents without cutting after the combination, still presents a concise overall .

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Compared with traditional concrete hotel,hotel tent is with less investment,safe structure,easy and fast assembling and elegant appearance. Hotel tent can be set up on all kinds of ground,flexible installation and 100% space utilization.

Hotel tent is adopted hard pressed extruded aluminum structure,never-corrosive anodized surface and hardness is with international standard. Tent connectors are galvanized,applying international welding technology and rust prevention which can make sure 30years of rust-less. PVC- coated fabric is UV-proof,water-proof,flame retardant and self-cleaning.

Full range of optional accessories are available for hotel tent,such as clear PVC window sidewall,steel anchor,weight plate,lining decoration,glass wall,glass door,ABS solid wall,transparent roof cover and sidewall,flooring system,rain gutter and so on.

Tent hotels in China in its infancy stage, but China’s tents hotel lovers, not having all the fun, but also spare no effort to promote China’s tent hotel. Tent’s tour this mobile entertainment in the form, not only can ease the tension of the season scenic accommodation reception capacity, rich travel content, but also to reduce the number of fixed build hotels within the area, and to better protect the tourism environment, it is very remarkable a.

But the focus of outdoor tents is not here, but the outdoor venue selection and arrangement of tents, as well as a variety of high-end services. Outdoor tents have preferred green, woods and other outdoor venues with views of the park or the other, there is a large open area like the convention center is the main choice of venue, so you can create an outdoor relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, and for tents various arrangements, ancillary services to provide the conditions.

Tent hotel is business-derived canopy characteristics, is a product of social development trends. Tent hotel so that people can embrace the use of natural ecosystems anywhere, enjoying pleasant upscale atmosphere, the grade. A simplified approval, low investment costs, structural safety, build fast, easy to disassemble, move and strong, good corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and strong features, is ideal for leisure travel, business reception preferred solution.