Planning The Perfect Back Yard Wedding

looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding site, your own back yard may be just the place. If you are considering holding a wedding at home, there’s a lot to think about. For example, do you need a tent? Are you required to have a special events license? Should you get portable toilets for the back yard? These small touches can make or break a back yard wedding. Wedding party tent.

According to Elana Lancit, founder and president of Vancouver-based Sweet Beginnings, a full-service wedding consulting and event-planning company, “An at-home affair takes a lot of planning. Consider hiring a professional consultant. Although the benefits of a home wedding come with added considerations, if you arrange everything in advance, the day will be wonderful for you and your guests.

• Weather or Not: First on Lancit’s list is weather insurance. “Plan on renting a tent no matter what,” says Lancit. “Weather is just too unpredictable. Tents provide good shade in the heat, and if you are planning a wedding in the fall, heating lamps are good to have on-hand,” she says.

• Be Neighbourly: To ensure your neighbors don’t complain about the noise, invite them along, or at least inform them about the event. If you are not inviting the neighbors, Lancit suggests dropping off a bottle of wine or a gift certificate to a restaurant a few days prior to the event. “This shows appreciation and respect for your neighbours,” says Lancit.

Menu Planning: Lancit suggests hiring a catering company to handle the food and bar. Before the wedding day, invite the caterers to your house so they can see what kind of space your kitchen offers. They may decide to bring a tent to provide additional space for prep work. Before signing the contract, make sure to discuss what is included in the cost. For example, will they provide plates and utensils? Also, consider the weather – you want to choose foods that will not perish.

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• Parking: Parking can be a cause of distress on the big day. Since most homes cannot accommodate 200 cars, Lancit suggests using a valet service, which most guests appreciate. The valet service will handle all logistics and keep your guests from walking a great distance. “If you choose to hire valet, consider having extra staff at the beginning and end of the event,” says Lancit.

• License: Lancit suggests calling city hall to find out if you are required to have a special license or permit for your event, such as a parking permit or a special event license. Also get information on notice by-laws and inquire about extra insurance.

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