Holding A Wedding With A Wedding Tent

So you have decided you are with the man or woman of your dreams, you are head over heels in love and the next thing you know you’ve decided to walk down the aisle. When it comes to your wedding day, many people forget that a lot of planning is needed before hand. There is much more to think about than simply the dress, the venue, the ring or even a hotel or a wedding tent. It is important to sort them out well ahead of time.

The first thing to do is to plan what you want and what you can afford. Budgeting for your wedding is probably the most important thing. If you can’t afford to have your fantasy castle wedding then you may well have to go without. You may also need to compromise with your spouse when it comes to what you need. For example, compared with traditional hotel wedding, holding a wedding ceremony with a wedding tent is more popular and ecomomic.

The main issue with the big day is the location; you could have a castle wedding or a more traditional church wedding tent. You can now have a wedding almost anywhere from your favourite football clubs home ground to a medieval hall. The other issues are the size of the venue, suits for the groom, best man, usher and pageboy, the bride and the bridesmaids’ dresses and how much champagne is needed for afterwards.

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The wedding reception is the next challenge. You need to find a location that your guests can get to easily and that will have all the facilities you require. You could have your reception in a marquee if your big day is in a remote location. Marquee hire companies are flexible and offer a range of services from loo hire and generators. A good wedding tent hire company will provide you with all of the electrical appliances you need and will also ensure that all its electrical appliances have had safety checks by a qualified PAT testing professional.

You may well choose to have your wedding reception indoors rather than in a marquee depending on the time of year. Many hotels offer wedding reception facilities as well as a place to stay. Many wedding venues like golf clubs may even provide you with a location for your wedding, the reception and hotel rooms for your guests.

Nowadays, a common theme at wedding is to thank the people who have helped put your day together with wedding gifts. These normally take the form of a gift that can be kept as a reminder of your appreciation. Engraved gifts like pewter tankards are popular usher gifts and personalised mugs make great gifts for kids.

Something that is often forgotten about when planning a wedding is the legal side. You may wish to take out wedding insurance, as this will cover you for a number of potential disasters. You will be covered if the wedding rings are lost or stolen, if the dress is damaged and if you have to postpone your day due to accident or illness.

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