Garden wedding party

Any number of factors can dictate design choices for weddings and special events. Often
the style and feel of a venue nudge the design in a particular direction. Other times the
personal tastes of the party’s hosts come into play from the get-go, putting restrictions
on where the party will be thrown in the first place. Wedding tent.

In the case of one stylish couple, the venue selection would be critical to accommodate
the bride and groom’s curated and eclectic tastes.

With plans to intermingle their own pieces among lush, bold floral; luxe lounge groupings;
and coordinated decor items; the couple desired a space as comfortable as their own home,
paired with the luxuriant garden party feel so perfect for spring weddings.

garden wedding party
garden wedding party

With its rich and verdant backdrop, Chicago’s Northerly Island proved the perfect site
for HMR Designs to turn a blank tent into an elegantly homelike and welcoming space.
Touches such as plush carpet softened the space, and a giant canvas created from custom
fabric panels stitched together, stretching across the perimeter of the built-in ceiling,
added a sophisticated elegance. A procession of chandeliers and lanterns paraded across
the length of the canvas, adding another layer of intricacy.

For the ceremony, the placement of a beautifully ornate, scene-stealing, all floral
ceremonial canopy was a primary concern. A Sperry tent was chosen for its simplicity. The
canvas pattern, stitching and flags added a whimsical feel and required little
ornamentation—the perfect organic background to allow the canopy to shine. The ivory
ceiling and flooring provided a crisp contrast to the surrounding landscape, allowing for
pops of green in the periphery.

The couple’s vision was brought to life. Not only did the tents serve as a vehicle for
the couple’s unique style, they also allowed the ceremony and reception to be situated
amid the nature and greenery so central to the theme.

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