Four Tips for a Beautiful Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings have become more popular and are a lovely alternative to a church. You may want a more casual wedding, or marry in a place of personal significance, or you simply may choose your location due to budget restraints. Whatever the reason, an outdoor wedding is a beautiful option and one where you can add more of a personal touch. Big party tent.

Choice of location

The first task is to decide where exactly you will be holding the ceremony and if you will be having the reception at the same place. You choice of location will go on to influence the types of decisions relating to the style of dress chosen, the appropriate hairstyle, whether you need to provide seating, sound systems or shade, and what sort of decorations you need. To make it simple an event hire company could handle most of the big items, like a marquee, chairs, glasses and sound equipment. You may have a special place in mind but make sure you check first whether you need to have a permit to marry in the location. Contacting your local council is the first place to start. It would be disaster if you were asked to remove yourself, your guests and a giant marquee right in the middle of your ceremony. As many popular outdoor locations for weddings tend to be public spaces you must also find out whether or not alcohol can be consumed. Your budget will also determine where you hold your wedding. Whether it’s in your own or a family member’s backyard, at a park, gardens, on the beach or a country club, this choice will be strongly influenced by how much you have to spend. Other things to consider when planning your location include whether there is somewhere for the bridal party to get ready, is there an area for a marquee to be set up, do you have access to power for a sound system or microphones or will you need to hire generators, and importantly, whether or not the area will used by other members of the public at the time of your wedding.

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A bonus of an outdoor wedding is that few decorations are needed as you can rely on Mother Nature to provide them for you. With decorating you can add as much or as little as you like, the choice is yours. Ideas to enhance the area include flowers, archways, candelabras, pew decorations at the end of rows, chair covers, lanterns, candles, fairy lights and you may want to lay out an aisle runner. Harmonise the area for your ceremony with your reception area so that it flows perfectly.


Hiring a marquee or tent from a party hire company is a great idea and something you will be glad you did if the weather happens to be hot or if it suddenly rains. Choosing a tent where the sides can be tied back is a good idea if it is hot, so you will have shade and airflow. In case it rains having a raised floor is also wise. A marquee will help to make sure your guests are comfortable, remember both sides of the bridal party will have a number of older relatives.

A Beautiful Bride all day

Being outdoors for your entire wedding means choosing appropriate wedding attire. If you decide to go for a floor length ball gown style dress you will find yourself dragging it around through the dirt. Go for a dress made from lighter fabric, particularly if it is going to be warm. Being an outdoor wedding a more casual style will be suitable. Also choose a fabric that won’t get blown up if it is windy. Also choose a hairstyle that is not going to be blown about. A stylish up do is more practical and will look better for longer. Depending on where your wedding is held the choice of footwear needs to be considered carefully. If you are getting married on the beach then stilettos are out. You may even want to go barefoot. If there is a possibility of it being wet you may also want to steer away from spiky heels that will sink into the ground.

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